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Gay K-Pop Star Holland Attacked by Slur-Hurling Assailant

Monday May 9, 2022
Originally published on May 9, 2022

Gay K-Pop Star Holland Attacked by Slur-Hurling Assailant

Out gay K-pop star Holland described in a Twitter post how he was the victim of a hate crime. The singer said he was assaulted in the Itaewon section of Seoul by a slur-hurling attacker, Pop Crush reported.

Holland, whose real name is Go Tae-seob, said in the tweet that he, a friend, and his manager were walking through the city when a stranger launched an unprovoked assault on him, uttering a homophobic insult as he did so. The tweet included photos that showed the singer with facial lacerations.

"Last night, I was walking around Itaewon with my manager and a friend," the pop star posted. "Suddenly, a stranger man approached me and hit me on the face twice, calling me 'a dirty gay.'"

"Now I have a scar on my face and I'm going to the hospital soon," Holland added.

The out recording artist followed up with additional comments, calling out the attack as biased.

"This is obviously a hate crime," Holland tweeted. "The fact that my sexuality as gay is public should never expose myself to this kind of violence. Nor any other LGBT+ and all elders, women and minorities in this world."

"This happening in 2022 shows the sad reality of LGBT+ human rights."

Holland let fans know he had reported the attack to the authorities, and expects that the investigation will lead to a "well solved" case.

The out K-pop singer has been a pioneer in the area of bringing equality to the musical genre, NextShark said.

"Holland, who became the first openly gay K-pop idol in South Korea in 2018, revealed during a livestream on March 24 that he now has a boyfriend who he wants to marry," the outlet detailed.