Netflix Cancels LGBTQ+ Animated Comedy 'Q-Force'

by Kilian Melloy

EDGE Staff Reporter

Thursday June 30, 2022

"Q-Force"  (Source:Netflix)

The LGBTQ+ secret agents of the Netflix animated comedy "Q-Force'' have gone on their last mission. The streamer canceled the series after a single season, What's On Netflix reported.

Writer and star Matt Rogers broke the news during an appearance on the "Attitudes!" podcast, the site relayed. "He said 'It did not get a second season' but added that he's still proud of what they released and implied it did a good job for representation."

"Q-Force notably featured the voices of Sean Hayes, Matt Rogers, Wanda Sykes, Patti Harrison, Gary Cole, and David Harbour," the site recalled.

Word of the cancellation was perhaps not a big surprise. What's On Netflix noted, "Unlike some animated projects, 'Q-Force' did not receive a big upfront episode order."

Another bad sign from early on: "The first season of 10 episodes debuted in September 2020 on Netflix and there hadn't been any word on plans for a second season," TV Series Finale pointed out. "The streaming service typically makes a decision on a show's fate within a month or so of a season's release. No news often means bad news."

Moreover, not everyone agreed with the show's idea of representation; the show drew sharp criticism for trading in stereotypes, starting with its first trailers, well before any episodes had hit Netflix.

Reviews were mixed, though they often took note that the stereotypes the series presented were handled satirically.

However, the site said, it might be too soon to count the show out completely. Another Netflix property, "Tuca & Bertie," was also canceled after only one season, only to be resurrected on HBO Max. What's on Netflix speculated that "perhaps a Peacock revival could eventually be on the cards," given that "NBCUniversal Television... is the distributor of the show," the site said.

"The news comes around the same time as another LGBTQ-focused animated series hits Netflix in the form of 'Dead End: Paranormal Park,'" the site observed. "Many will now fear that the show will follow in the same direction."

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