Watch: Elliot Page Returns to Acting in New 'Umbrella Academy'

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Sunday May 29, 2022
Originally published on May 20, 2022

Ellliot Page in the trailer for Season Three of "The Umbrella Academy"
Ellliot Page in the trailer for Season Three of "The Umbrella Academy"  (Source:Netflix)

Elliott Page's long-awaited return to acting is here in the Season Three premiere trailer of Netflix's "The Umbrella Academy."

After filming began early 2021, the season is expected to hit the stream on June 22, just in time for Pride Month celebrations, reported Yahoo Entertainment.

As Vanya in the series, Page's character will also reportedly also go through a transition to become Viktor.

Despite Netflix's recent questionable treatment of its LGBTQ and POC representing employees, the streaming giant did stand by Page after announcing his transition and the company quickly changed his film credits to reflect this.

From the Season Three trailer, the fact that Page will be able to live as his true self in the series brought praise on social media.

"I am just a lot more f***ing comfortable and present, so it's hard to imagine that that's not affecting the work, because, really, being present's ultimately what you're going for," said Page about how his transition will affect his acting work. "You're just ultimately trying to crack open and be present and connect to the truth of a moment."

When Netflix employees organized a walkout over Dave Chappelle's controversial special, "The Closer, "Page used his newfound presentness to speak up about his employer. He tweeted, "I stand with the trans, nonbinary, and BIPOC employees at Netflix fighting for more and better trans stories and a more inclusive workplace."

With Netflix cutting the staff that leads the charge for inclusivity, Page's transition storyline in "The Umbrella Academy" is needed now more than ever. See a preview for the upcoming season below.