Watch: Harry Styles Has a Gay Awakening in First 'My Policeman' Trailer

by Emell Adolphus

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Wednesday June 15, 2022

David Dawson and Harry Styles in "My Policeman"
David Dawson and Harry Styles in "My Policeman"  (Source:YouTube)

The trailer for Amazon's upcoming "My Policeman" starring Harry Styles is finally here, and it is everything you'd expect from a film about a closeted policeman in the 1950s and more.

Slated for an Oct. 21 theatrical release, the film is based on a Bethan Roberts novel of the same name. Styles stars as Tom, a married, closeted policeman who gets into an entanglement with Patrick (played by David Dawson). The affair was illegal then in the 1950s and drama to keep things under wraps ensues.

The power of water and its ability to take you under is clearly an underlying theme of the trailer. Other images from the film seem to reveal that the affair between Tom and Patrick will be hidden right under the nose of Tom's wife (played by Emma Corrin of "The Crown").

While the two characters are staring at an abstract painting of ocean tides, they discuss how it makes them feel.

"You can sense the waves, and how strong they are," Tom (Styles) says, as images of him and his new wife (Corrin) turn over in his mind. "Like swimming in rough surf," he says as the camera cuts to them at the beach and at a public swimming pool.

Then the tide picks up. The trailer shows Tom kissing his new wife, Tom and Patrick fighting, and Tom burning his police uniform in a bonfire.

About swimming in the rough surf, Patrick says in a voiceover, "You feel they could crush you, or take you under. You just have to let it take hold of you."

With the theatrical trailer, Amazon also released the first promotional poster for the film showing Styles in his full vintage police uniform. (Everyone loves a man in uniform!)

A month after its theatrical release, the film will hit Amazon Prime on Nov. 21. This is Styles' first lead acting role, and he is also set to star alongside Florence Pugh in the psychological thriller "Don't Worry Darling" in September.

Watch the first trailer for "My Policeman" below.