Ed Sheeran Thought He Was Gay Because He Loved Britney and Musicals

Sunday October 31, 2021

If you ever got a gay vibe from Ed Sheeran, there was a good reason. He felt so as well, or thought he did. In an interview with the Dutch podcast Man. Man. Man, Sheeran discussed his masculinity, saying, the Daily Mail writes, "he once thought he was gay because he was so in touch with his feminine side."

"I have a definite feminine side, to the point that when I was a kid I thought I was gay for a bit," the 30-year old pop star told the podcast.

"I definitely have a big feminine side. I love musical theater, I love pop music, I love Britney Spears."

Discussing his masculinity, he said, "My masculine side probably stops at drinking beer and watching football...  I am not a hugely masculine person anyway. I am not a car guy. I like a nice car, but I'm not a car guy."

In his personal life, Sheeran married his childhood in 2019 school friend Cherry Seaborn, 29, and the couple has a one-year-old child Lyra. In the podcast, he says his relationship changed his perception of life.

"My wife is super pro-women, femininity, and as soon as we started dating, my life shifted to that. She plays in a female hockey team, we hang out with them all the time. It's very much women empowerment; she works a very high-level job at the top of her field."

Adding, "'Before Lyra was born, it was kind of that but now Lyra's born it's even more that."