How to Market to Millennials on Social Media

Tuesday June 28, 2022

How to Market to Millennials on Social Media
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Millennials, also known as Generation Y, make up the largest adult generational population in the world today. As of 2020, the US alone had more than 72 million Gen Yers. Statistics show that they are also the highest spenders across all industries.

Millennials' spending habits are mainly influenced by social media. According to one report, 57% of millennials use social media to discover fashion trends. Social media is therefore a virtual goldmine for marketers targeting Gen Yers. Here are four effective strategies to market to millennials on social media.

1. Understand What Matters to Them

Millennials are obsessed with technology. Close to 100% of them use the internet. They are the force behind the selfie culture and are always seeking online likes and approval. This generation has grown in the age of modern technology and is quick to embrace anything tech-affiliated.

Besides tech, millennials also love spending money on brands that support a cause, like animal rights, anti-racism, environmental sustainability, and inclusivity. These topics also dominate millennials' online discussions. Any brand that embraces these values can strike meaningful conversations with millennials on social media and win them over.

2. Create Authentic Content

Gen Yers spend up to 18 hours daily browsing websites, social media, and blogs. They share, retweet, comment, and forward information to their peers on social media for opinions or remarks. This makes the online community more empowered than before. Millennials carefully scrutinize every piece of content before sharing, so create authentic content.

For instance, those buying a 2022 Honda Civic can quickly pull a vehicle report with all car details, including previous owners and maintenance records. Differentiating fake brands from genuine ones is easy these days. Ensure your content is genuine to engage millennials on social media. This generation can make or break your brand depending on the content you feed it.

3. Use Influencers

The power of influencer marketing is unmatched in the digital marketing realm. Influencers, even those with average followings, boast loyal and dedicated fans. So you can count on them to pass your marketing message. An influencer can share your posts with their audience or create one and feature your products.

However, it's important to note that influencer impact varies across platforms. For instance, an influencer who's popular on Twitter may not be popular on Instagram or Facebook. Pick one or two relevant platforms and partner with influencers that share your brand values and understand your campaign goals. You can also check their engagement rates in previous posts.

4. Use Viral Memes

Meme marketing may sound odd, but it works magic when used correctly. It's a fun way to promote a brand narrative and boost engagement. Besides, memes are highly relatable and cheap to produce. They also get shared easily over the internet. Millennials view memes as a communication medium, and you can use them to start a conversation on social media.

Use memes in the right context — to add humor to your tone and pass a marketing message without being too salesy. It could be an image or a short video that tickles the imagination of your target audience. React quickly to current events using memes to create an impression of a modern, fun-loving brand.