Jonny McGovern Seeks First GoGo Superstar on Reality Competition

by Steve Duffy

EDGE Media Network Contributor

Monday May 30, 2022
Originally published on May 18, 2022

Jonny McGovern and contestants from OutTV's "GoGo for the Gold"<br>GoGo for the Gold"
Jonny McGovern and contestants from OutTV's "GoGo for the Gold"
GoGo for the Gold"   (Source:OutTV)

When Jonny McGovern heard Eminen making homophobic riffs in his raps, he decided to get even: He wrote a show called "The Wrong Fag to Fuck With: The Gay Pimp vs. Eminem." In it, he plays The Gay Pimp who bests Eminen at the MTV Music Awards. The show played off-off-Broadway in 2001; not long after, songs from it began getting play at various clubs around the city. In 2003, he released his first CD, "Dirty Gay Hits," a collection of hilarious gay themed songs that received over three million downloads and was added to rotation on MTV.

From there, McGovern became one of the queer world's leading influencers, with appearances on such shows as "The Ricki Lake Show," VH1's "Best Week Ever," and Comedy Central's "Out on the Edge." These led to Rosie O'Donnell choosing him as a lead player on her LOGO-TV comedy show, "The Big Gay Sketch Show."  More recently, McGovern has appeared on two popular Netflix shows, "Hey Qween" and "Look at Huh." His song "Man Areas" became a TikTok sensation, having been viewed over 12.5 million times and received over 7 million streams on Spotify.

Jonny McGovern
Jonny McGovern  

For his latest project, McGovern turns to a staple of LGBTQ culture — the GoGo boy — and goes all "Drag Race" with them. On OUTtv's new reality competition series "GoGo for the Gold," McGovern hosts a competition amongst 12 of the nation's hottest male GoGo dancers in a contest to crown "America's #1 Champion GoGo Superstar Star." He created the show with GoGo dancer Greg McKeon, known to "Hey Qween" fans as the show's in-house lap dance specialist, as well as for his content on OnlyFans.

Instinct Magazine writes "co-creators McGovern and McKeon have assembled a diverse cast of GoGos that encompass a wide range of body types from traditional masculine hunks to thick 'n juicy bears, smooth twinks and even femme dancers who serve it up in heels. One of the contestants is a trans man. All are competing for a $10k cash prize."

EDGE spoke with The Gay Pimp recently as he tours with Dita von Teese to talk about the show.

Contestants Amaya Jahmeal and Bryant Santos
Contestants Amaya Jahmeal and Bryant Santos  

EDGE: You're currently touring with Dita von Teese. How is that going?

Jonny McGovern: This is my fifth tour with Dita and her amazing crew, and it is one of my favorite jobs. Her aesthetic is so chic, and the performances are stunning. The show has the energy and wild crowds of a rock concert. Getting to tour the world and perform at gorgeous theaters — it's a blast. I love working with Dita. 

EDGE: You graduated from Boston University's School for the Arts. Tell us about your experience living in Boston?

Jonny McGovern: I had spent all of my teenage years living overseas in Thailand and Egypt, so Boston was a good starter city for me to return to living in the United States. The acting program there is extremely good, and I had amazing teachers, but I don't know if I would spend all that money on an acting program again. I probably would have just moved to LA and started as an intern, and maybe gotten farther faster. 

Contestants Eddie Danger and Ken X Y
Contestants Eddie Danger and Ken X Y  

EDGE: There is definitely more queer representation in Film and TV, but very few outlets that are for a queer audience. Is that what inspired you to start "Hey Qween!"? 

Jonny McGovern: Representation is so important for the queer community. I really wanted "Hey Qween!" to be a place where we could share queer stories of all types from LGBTQ artists and performers, because when we share our stories, it helps the next generation feel less alone. Like most of my other projects, "Hey Qween!" was an idea that no one at any network could fathom at the time, and so I had to make it myself to prove the concept. Now Entertainment Tonight is interviewing drag queens — as usual, I was early to the party. 

EDGE: How did the idea for "GoGo for the Gold" originate?

Jonny McGovern: My co-creator Greg McKeon and I have been best friends since I moved to LA. Back in the day, we threw parties together where the GoGo boy was the star. We met so many talented, sexy, and interesting guys over the years we knew they were natural for a dynamic and fun reality competition show. 

Contestants Max Adonis and Paulo Batista
Contestants Max Adonis and Paulo Batista  

EDGE: What makes Greg McKeon a great judge?

Jonny McGovern: Greg is one of the greatest GoGo dancers I have ever worked with, so he makes a perfect "GoGo God" — he knows what separates a good GoGo from a GoGo superstar. Plus, most people don't know this side of him, but he's actually very funny in real life. He has some great moments this season on the judging panel. 

EDGE: What makes a good GoGo dancer?

Jonny McGovern: I love when a dancer is confident, friendly, and having fun! It invites you to feel the same way, and that puts you in a sexy mood.

Contestants Randy Boo and Rico
Contestants Randy Boo and Rico  

EDGE: How do you react to feedback about the contestants being objectified?

Jonny McGovern: Anyone saying that has not actually seen the show. When you see how the guys are judged, it is solely on performance and star quality, and the audience really gets to know each of them. 

EDGE: When you are at a GoGo show, what body part are you staring at?

Jonny McGovern: It's about how all the parts come together that I enjoy, and, more importantly than that, what the vibe the dancer is giving that make a GoGo superstar. 

Contestants Steven and Tony DeSantiago
Contestants Steven and Tony DeSantiago  

EDGE: What do you hope to get from this show?

Jonny McGovern: GoGo boys are the other side of the drag queen coin when it comes to gay clubs. They are the other stars of queer nightlife and parties. There is a wealth of talent ready to be showcased. Of course, I would love for this show to be as big as "Drag Race" and have versions of it around the world. 

Contestant Gamaliel Baez
Contestant Gamaliel Baez  

EDGE: You have accomplished a lot of great things in your career so far. Which one are you the proudest of?

Jonny McGovern: When fans of my work have told me that watching my shows or listening to my music or podcasts has helped them feel less alone or more confident in their queerness, or helped them come out — that's the real lasting reward. 

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