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Watch: Gus Kenworthy Interviews Fellow Out Olympian Adam Rippon for ABC News

Friday May 4, 2018
Gus Kenworthy carries Adam Rippon during a "Nightline" segment on ABC News.
Gus Kenworthy carries Adam Rippon during a "Nightline" segment on ABC News.  (Source:YouTube Still via ABC)

Gus Kenworthy got the chance to interview fellow openly gay Olympian Adam Rippon for ABC News' "Nightline" this week.

During their exciting interview, the two athletes and friends discussed Rippon's "American sweetheart" status, what it's like being on "Dancing with the Stars" and the figure skater's feud with Vice President Mike Pence.

"Adam [won] over America with his combination of grit, grace, charm and self-depreciating sass," Kenworthy says in the clip.

"When I went out and I was skating, I was super focused that I was going to do my best, so that people weren't like, 'Oh, this is some trash kid who has a big mouth...No, he's a serious athlete who has a big mouth and is trash," Rippon tells Kenworthy.

Rippon also talks about being labeled "America's Sweetheart," saying he decided to call himself that once at a press conference and the title stuck.

Elsewhere in the interview, the two discuss being out athletes at the Olympics, Rippon on "Dancing with the Stars," and Rippon's feud with Pence. Kenworthy asks Rippon to address the vice president, should he be watching the interview.

"I would say that the young people of America are watching and are acting," Rippon said.

Kenworthy then asks if he is still willing to have a meeting with Pence.

"I think that if we aren't willing to listen to each other and have an open conversation, nothing will change and nothing will get done," Rippon goes on to say. "On the flip side of that, the conversation is not for me, it's for that trans man or woman that can't even go to the right bathroom. It's a conversation for a trans man or woman who can't join the military.

"It's a conversation for the Muslim family that got broken up or had a mother or father travel and can't get back in...I'm just using my platform to the best of my ability," he added.

Watch the interview below.

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