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Biden Nominates First LGBTQ+ Federal Appeals Court Nominee

By Aamer Madhani | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
President Joe Biden is nominating a Vermont judge who played a critical role in paving the way for the legalization of same-sex marriage to become the first openly LGBTQ+ woman to serve on any federal circuit court.

1966 Death of Heiress' Employee Under Renewed Scrutiny

By Mark Pratt | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
When Doris Duke, a fabulously wealthy tobacco and power company heiress, ran over and killed a longtime employee and confidant at her Newport, Rhode Island, mansion in 1966, police took her at her word that it was an accident.

Biden Seeks to Boost Fuel Economy

By Tom Krisher | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
The Biden administration wants automakers to raise gas mileage and cut tailpipe pollution between now and model year 2026.

Broadway, Hollywood Costumes Go on Exhibit in Heart of NYC

By Mark Kennedy | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
Most Broadway stages may still be dark, but there's a place in Times Square where the costumes shine.

'Trauma as his Shield': Cuomo's Apology, Defense Criticized

By Jocelyn Noveck and Mallika Sen | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
He said his actions had been misconstrued, his words misunderstood. He said it was cultural: He hugs, he kisses, he says "Ciao, bella." He said it was generational: Sometimes he lapses into "honey" or "sweetheart" or tells bad jokes.

US Plans to Require COVID-19 Shots for Foreign Travelers

By Zeke Miller | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
The Biden administration is taking the first steps toward requiring nearly all foreign visitors to the U.S. to be vaccinated for the coronavirus, a White House official said.

Sleuths in Spain Sniff Out Ibiza's Illegal COVID-19 Parties

Thursday Aug 5, 2021
Some of the summer hires on the Mediterranean party island of Ibiza are different this year: they include private detectives posing as tourists who tip off police about illegal parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pandemic Travel Bans Divide Loved Ones Across Borders

By Tali Arbel | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
Since the start of the pandemic, a constantly changing and confusing web of travel restrictions have separated loved ones around the world.

Can You Get 'Long COVID' if Infected After Vaccination?

By Lindsey Tanner | Thursday Aug 5, 2021
It's unclear, but researchers are studying the chances of long-term symptoms developing in anyone who might get infected after vaccination.

Grammys Commit to More Hiring Diversity for 2022 Show

By Jonathan Landrum Jr. | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
The Grammy Awards will adopt an inclusion rider that will require producers to recruit and hire more diverse candidates backstage and in front of the camera for next year's ceremony.

Henry Ford Museum's New Exhibit Celebrates Motorsports

By Jenna Fryer | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
The national landmark museum, founded in 1929 by the creator of the Model T and father of Ford Motor Co., houses some of the most historic items in U.S. history.

NY Report Details CNN's Chris Cuomo's Role Advising Brother

By David Bauder | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo appeared to offer advice on a statement by his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, addressing allegations of sexual harassment, according to a report issued on Tuesday.

Atlanta Mayor: 'Monster' who Killed LGBTQ Parkgoer Must be Caught

By Jeff Martin | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
The "monster" who stabbed a woman to death and also killed her dog as they walked in a popular Atlanta park must be taken off the streets, but rumors are not helping police to solve the case, the city's mayor said Tuesday.

Delta Variant Upends Politicians' COVID Calculus

By Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Zeke Miller | Wednesday Aug 4, 2021
President Joe Biden's administration drew up a strategy to contain one coronavirus strain, then another showed up that's much more contagious.

NYC Will Require Vaccination Proof for Indoor Dining, Gyms

By Karen Matthews, Bobby Caina Calvan | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
New York City will soon require proof of COVID-19 vaccinations for anyone who wants to dine indoors at a restaurant, see a performance or go to the gym.

DeSantis Won't Move on Masks as Florida COVID Wards Swell

By Terry Spencer, Adriana Gomez Licon, Kelli Kennedy | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday downplayed a spike in COVID-19 cases that's shattered state hospitalization records and strongly reiterated his vow not to impose a mask mandate or any business restrictions.

1st Cruise Ship Docks in Puerto Rico Since Pandemic Began

By Danica Coto | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
The Carnival Mardi Gras docked Tuesday in Puerto Rico — the first time a cruise ship has visited the U.S. territory since the pandemic began.

Spirit Cancels Half Its Flights; American Also Struggling

By David Koenig | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
Spirit Airlines canceled nearly half its schedule for Tuesday, the third straight day of extremely high cancellation numbers at the budget airline.

The Searing, Timely Play 'Pass Over' Leads Broadway's Return

By Mark Kennedy | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
As the "Pass Over" makes the transition to its first preview on Broadway Wednesday, the cast and crew offered their takes on the historic moment, from the first meet-and-greet to the first costume fittings and first rehearsal.

Tennessee Sued Over 'Bathroom Bill' for Public Schools

By Kimberlee Kruesi | Tuesday Aug 3, 2021
Tennessee was hit Tuesday with a second legal challenge aimed at overturning a slate of bills targeting transgender people that Gov. Bill Lee signed into law earlier this year.

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