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Pride Parade, Nightclub Needle Attacks Puzzle European Authorities

Pride Parade, Nightclub Needle Attacks Puzzle European Authorities

By Jade Le Deley | Jun 2, 2022

A spate of attacks in which people were jabbed by hypodermic needles has taken place at Pride events, soccer games, and nightclubs in Europe.

Some Castro & SoMa Bars Temporarily Close

Some Castro & SoMa Bars Temporarily Close

By Jim Provenzano | Dec 28, 2021

New Year's Eve celebrations in the Castro and South of Market districts will have fewer indoor options as nearly half a dozen bars and restaurants have temporarily closed out of pandemic health concerns.

Sober Queer Spaces Gaining Ground

Sober Queer Spaces Gaining Ground

By Kilian Melloy | Sep 4, 2021

Creating a rainbow oasis of diversity and inclusion was, for decades, the role of the gay and lesbian bar. But what about those in recovery, or who just aren't attracted to the bar scene? Alternatives do exist.

NYC's Hell's Kitchen Nightlife Bounces Back With New Openings

NYC's Hell's Kitchen Nightlife Bounces Back With New Openings

By Ryan Leeds | Aug 22, 2021

The the Roarin' 20s have begun! New York City's queer hub — Hell's Kitchen — bursts back to life with a slate of new LGBTQ bar openings that promises to revitalize the neighborhood for locals and tourists alike.

Boston Club To Enforce COVID Vaccination Requirement for Entry

Boston Club To Enforce COVID Vaccination Requirement for Entry

Jul 27, 2021

In what may be the first move for LGBTQ businesses in Boston, Jacques' Cabaret — a popular nightclub that caters to drag performers — announced that it has made changes to its COVID-19 protocols, which requires proof of vaccination.

Virus Surge Fears and UK Leader's Quarantine Mar 'Freedom Day'

Virus Surge Fears and UK Leader's Quarantine Mar 'Freedom Day'

By Urooba Jamal and Jill Lawless | Jul 19, 2021

Corks popped, beats boomed out and giddy revelers rushed onto dancefloors when England's nightclubs reopened Monday as the country lifted most remaining coronavirus restrictions after more than a year of lockdowns.

New Jersey Issues Apology for Systemic Discrimination Against LGBTQ Bars

New Jersey Issues Apology for Systemic Discrimination Against LGBTQ Bars

Jun 30, 2021

For 34 years, the state of New Jersey manipulated its liquor laws to disenfranchise the LGBTQ community, and now it's owning up, issuing a formal apology from the state's governor and attorney general.

Political Donations Lead Stonewall Inn to Ban some Beers

Jun 21, 2021

The Stonewall Inn's owners say they won't serve certain beers at the famous LGBT bar during Pride weekend to protest manufacturer Anheuser-Busch's political contributions to some politicians who have supported anti-LGBT legislation.

Berlin's Nightclubbers Sip their Drinks, Await Better Times

By Dorothee Thiesing | May 24, 2021

Battered by the pandemic, Berlin's legendary nightclubs are starting to reopen. Sort of.

5 of the Best LGBTQ-Friendly Bars Based in Boston

Apr 6, 2021

During Boston's annual Gay Pride Parade in June, these establishments are much busier than normal. Here are the top 5 LGBTQ bars in B-town.

The Bars that Brought Us the B.A.R. - from the Tavern Guild to the Bay Area Reporter

By Michael Flanagan | Mar 30, 2021

The Bay Area Reporter first published on April 1, 1971, two years after the New York Stonewall Riots. But the paper's emergence grew not out of activism, but from San Francisco's growing gay bar scene.

New Wave of Bars Creates Buzz Without the Booze

By Dee-Ann Durbin | Mar 16, 2021

There's something missing from a new wave of bars opening around the world: Alcohol.

Another Gay Bar Gone? Boston Eagle is Up for Sale

Mar 5, 2021

And then there were...? Gay blogger BosGuy> reports the "space formerly occupied by the Boston Eagle is now for rent."

SF Queer Bar Virgil's is Permanently Closing

By Kevin Schattenkirk | Feb 26, 2021

Virgil's Sea Room, a queer bar that opened in 2013 in the Mission District of San Francisco, is permanently closing.

Trixie Mattel Comes to the Rescue of Milwaukee Gay Bar

By Kilian Melloy | Feb 4, 2021

When This Is It!, the Milwaukee gay bar Trixie Mattel headed to as soon as she turned 21, faced COVID-related financial difficulties until the "Drag Race" star stepped in: She's now a co-owner.

In a Baghdad Bar, A Syrian Serves Cocktails to Fix War Woes

By Samya Kullab | Feb 3, 2021

Opening a bar is a dangerous trade in Iraq, where alcohol shops are frequently targeted by disapproving militias.

In LA, Gay Bars, Restaurants Look to Crowdfunding to Survive

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 26, 2021

LGBTQ bars and restaurants in greater Los Angeles are struggling to survive the second, and latest, COVID lockdown. Crowdfunding has proven to be a lifeline for many.

Confirmed: WeHo Gay Bar Faultline has Shuttered Longtime Location

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 23, 2021

The owner of West Hollywood gay bar Faultline has confirmed an earlier report that the establishment has closed down its longtime location. The bar will hopefully reopen elsewhere in the future.

In Protest, Oldest Amsterdam Gay Bar Adopts New Name - Ikea

By Kilian Melloy | Jan 21, 2021

The new owners of Amsterdam's oldest gay bar have made a surprising change: The sign that used to read "Spijkerbar" now sports the name and logo of the furniture store Ikea.

Queer Bars' Extraordinary Fund List

By Jim Provenzano | Jan 10, 2021

Despite our astoundingly difficult times, fans and patrons of LGBTQ Bay Area bars and nightclubs were extraordinarily generous to multiple fundraising efforts in 2020, donating nearly $400,000. You can still donate to help your favorite venues survive.

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